Concrete Layers

Laying Concrete For Driveways

A  small layer of concrete that serves as an expressly placed layer of the flooring system. The concrete used for each layer is one size smaller than the previous layer. In order to install them, a prepare or trowel should be used. A 6-inch polyurethane is included in this item as well as a polyester glue. Concrete layers can help your floor get better and stronger. 

Laying concrete is important for a lot of reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that it’s not just decorative. The stuff you’re laying down can actually make your hardwood floors last longer and require less upkeep. If you need a reliable contractor for your driveway, feel free to call our team. Wellington Concrete has the most amazing team who can build your driveway. Call us for a free, no obligation estimate.

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How Concrete Layers Build Driveways

There are several steps involved in installing concrete layers. But the most important one is preparation of the slabs and their adjustment. We do not ask for much from our customers, just follow us and get concrete floors that are beautiful, easy to use and long-lasting. We start by pouring a concrete mix into the form or mixer. For example, when constructing a garden bench, we will place wooden boards on top of your prepared form to create the legs and bench seat. It’s important to lay the concrete forms in the correct order and holes. Hence, we always plan the concrete layout before starting the job.

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Small Concrete Patio​

Do you want to have a small concrete patio? Wellington Concrete can help you achieve your dram patio. Concrete layers can also be used as surface for your patio. We also have other options such as Roman Slates, brick layers, concrete pavers, natural stones, and concrete aggregate mix.

A gorgeous, contemporary concrete patio with distinct features such as a large fire pit, amphitheater and fountain would definitely be ideal for your home. Our concrete patios have been around for decades, with a rich history of providing a durable and beautiful surface material for home and commercial client projects. They’re strong, efficient and cost saving! Concrete patios are perfect for commercial and residential use in-ground pool installs, walkways, floors and walls.

Wellington Concrete is a firm of experts in the design and construction of concrete patios. We will help you achieve the look you want in your backyard with our wide variety of options for any budget. With over a decade of experience we can design, build and install everything from a simple waterproof membrane to an intricate stone wall enclosure.

Block Layers Wellington ​

Looking for a concrete block layer? Look no further than Wellington Concrete Layers. A concrete block layer is a person who has the knowledge and skill in laying, mixing and placing concrete blocks. The main function of a concrete block layer is to produce blocks according to their specification or customer specifications. They are also responsible for ensuring that the site is safe, clean and dry before they start work. The role of a concrete block layer includes:

  1. Preparing and mixing the concrete mix.
  2. Adding water to the mix according to customer specifications.
  3. Placing each block at the correct place on the site using a mixer, trolley or wheelbarrow depending on the type of block being used.
  4. Checking for any defects in blocks after they have been laid down on site.

Our concrete block layers provide quality concrete blocks to contractors and homeowners, in preparation for the pouring of concrete. A good concrete block layer will also be able to provide customers with helpful advice on which type of block would be best for their project. Contact us now.

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